Telluride, Colorado is located in the Southwest corner of the state of Colorado in the San Juan Mountains. Famous for skiing and summer festivals, the quiet resort area has about 4,000 full time residents and home to many affluent second homeowners. Known for its natural beauty and abundance of thirteen thousand-foot mountains, Telluride has seen rapid growth over the last decade. Telluride features a commercial airport and additional regional airports, include, Montrose, Cortez, Durango and Grand Junction. Telluride is a 6 hour drive from Denver, Albuquerque, NM and Salt Lake City, UT

Telluride has come a long way from its history as a boisterous mining town, which created the famous saying “To-Hell-You-Ride” as miners descended into the dark deep mining tunnels mining Tellurium, a gold and silver bearing.


Ridgway was founded in 1890, as the headquarters of the world famous Rio Grande Southern narrow gauge railroad serving the area’s rich silver and gold mines, ranches and farms. Today local museums and events preserve the history of the now defunct railroad and the heritage of traditional ranching lifestyles. The remaining pastures surrounded by public lands and wilderness provide picturesque habitat for an amazing wildlife presence, from the elk and deer to the diverse birds and bald eagles. Trails for walkers, hikers, bikers and winter sports enthusiasts criss cross the area, creating an outdoor adventure wonderland. At the center of it all is downtown Ridgway, the hub of arts, entertainment, wellness activities, education and a vibrant “foodie” culture.